About me:

I'm a Passionate self taught Visual Artist and Musician, spending my time between Graphic Design, Photography, Electronic Music composition, Generative Design and Video editing. Since 2010 i'm working as a freelance Graphic Designer with an accent on the music industry.

Founder and main artist of the record label and youtube channel "Listening Blue". With a strong attraction to fine Arts, i'm always looking for new personal projects and stimulating job offers.

Oscillating between Marseille(France) and Montreal(Canada) i'm currently available for work.
For additional information you can take a look at my Résumé follow my Instagram or just Contact me.


Benjamin Vigneron

2019 is a selection of graphic projects i'm currently working on.

2018 is a selection of graphic projects i've made along the year 2018.

2010 to 2017 is a selection of personal artworks and professional contracts i've made between the year 2010 and 2017.

People and Places is a selection of my daily photography shooting since 2010, focusing on the relation the space, the geometry of it, the objects, the framing and characters maintain.

I deliberately choosed person with neutral expression, and the narrative aspect of each scene is voluntarily diminished or minor in order to bring forward the raw position of characters in and within the space.

People as indicated by it name is a selection of portraits and group portraits wich in this time is more focusing on narration, internal feelings and attitudes.

In this series i choosed mainly moments of my teenagehood where things were more easy with being close to people.

Places is a selection of landscapes of places voluntarily choosed for they pictorial aspect.You can find here mainly reference to abstract Impressionism or Romantism.

Details is a selection of interesting reframings of unselected pictures that i found while sorting my computer files.

Releases:Here is all my releases available through Listening Blue Von Melt (Chile) and SINO (France)

Listening Blue
Originally founded by Benjamin Vigneron a.k.a. Vronsky as an electronic music youtube channel, Listening Blue has developed into a collective of diggers from around the world, along with a record label.

The channel’s selections and label tend to focus on the deeper sounds, with a taste of eclecticism.
Ranging from the late 90’s Northern European Bleep Techno, to modern French and German Deep House, to the oddball House movements across the water in New York City- influences at Listening Blue embrace a large spectrum of ideas.

These ideas provide influence to the original content, as evidenced by the first two releases, Beyond the Psychosis and Darlington Avenue, both by Vronsky. As the project is ever developing, Listening Blue offering a home to young and talented producers, alone in the darkness of Soundcloud and elsewhere.

You can Find us on Youtube, on Soundcloud or onDiscogs.